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Tuesday, February 7th, 2012
11:43 pm
Coming home on the D-line around Brookline Village I see two boys get on through a middle door. They're probably two years apart, older than 5 but less than 10. No parents to be seen, but soon I see grandma and grandpa walking back from the front of the car having just paid. You'd be surprised how many adults don't. Grandma walks by the boys and sits while grandpa stays up on the elevated section of the newer Breda car. The older boy has a Bruins winter cap with a yellow ball on top. The younger one has a hunting cap with a brim and ear flaps. They both have these huge backpacks and green camo pants.

There is mischief in their eyes. The older one sticks his glove in the door as it's closing so it gets caught. It's hilarious to them, but each one's smile doesn't extend past the other's face. Grandma and grandpa are 5 feet away on either side but they don't see it. I have a smirk on my face because I can see the future just by watching them. I look up at grandpa. He's old. You can tell he can't move too well. That's probably why he didn't descend the steps while the train was in motion. There's a look on his face. He's not overwhelmed, but I think he knows he needs to bring it if he wants to keep up with these two. Luckily grandma's there too. He walks down and shuttles them to grandma. 
Monday, January 23rd, 2012
7:51 pm
one of those days
Last night I had pretty bad heart burn, to the point where I felt like I was going to throw up. I ended up propping myself up on the couch, but lost a couple hours of sleep in the process. I intentionally slept in to get some of that back. I leave the house as planned but when I got to the T I realized Carol still had my Charlie card from when she borrowed it over the weekend. Luckily I had cash. When I got to Woodland I decided to get a ticket for the bus and my return trip on the T. Turns out the bus doesn't take the Charlie ticket. I had $2 and a fellow commuter gave me the rest. We get to the shopping plaza at the corner of Route 9 and 27. Carol calls me as I'm getting off the bus and I almost trip down the stairs. The transfer isn't there after 10 minutes so I decide to walk over the Route 27 bridge and then back towards work. Snow is on the ground and no one in Natick ever clears the sidewalks so I walk in the street. 

My day hasn't been bad by any stretch but it's feeling like one of those days where every little things goes the other way. As I'm walking over the bridge I see this big garbage truck coming in the opposite direction. I see plastic bags kind of hanging on to the top just waiting to fly off and litter the road. At this point I come to the realization that I am about to get hit with a bag of garbage. I know it's coming. It just seems so perfect. As the big green truck approaches I start to smile. I chuckle waiting for the inevitable. 

The truck passes without incident and I can't wipe the smirk from my face. 
Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
8:06 pm
cat medical bills
We spent $846.75 on medical bills for Max last year. That probably means we dropped close to a grand on him altogether.
Friday, July 2nd, 2010
3:40 pm
Random Julian #1
An older kid, maybe 6 years old, parked his bicycle next to the sprinklers at Winthrop Park. Julian went up the bike and started playing with the pedal. Soon the kid came back and I told Julian to move away because the kid wanted to ride his bike. I thought it was funny because it reminded me of a Sons of Anarchy episode where Jax comes out of a store to find a guy sitting on his bike with his girlfriend taking his picture with a cell phone. Jax and Bobby come out, offer to take the picture for him, then knock him to the ground, and tell him to never sit on another man's bike. I wanted to warn Julian.

(I expect this to be a series so I gave it the numbering.)
Saturday, April 10th, 2010
10:52 pm
String of events
This is why the internet is great in a way that you don't think of.

Julian loves to bang on keyboards. More specifically he loves to play with anything you are using. So he bangs on our keyboards. Carol lets him do this and since I'm not home during the day I can't stop him. He broke my keyboard. I've still been able to use it but the "b" key is missing and the "v" key now has the "b" key in its place (but still maps to "v") because of an poorly executed attempt at a fix by Carol.

I'm under warranty so after a lot of procrastination I call up Dell. Other than a few dropped transfers the experience is lovely. They send me a new keyboard. I didn't know you could do that with a laptop. You can. Hooray for a combination of poor durability and modular design. A couple of weeks later I get around to installing it. I use a "plastic scribe" to pop open the hinge cover, unscrew two screws and rip the keyboard off. After contemplating how to get the keyboard cable out without ripping it I finally magically pop open the connector. New keyboard goes in the opposite way the old one went out.

I have a "b" key. How should I test out my lovely new keyboard? I hesitate; Carol suggests "bovine.com". Never hesitate. The website is a memorial for this guy Allen Wintermute. His buddy (NSFW if you can't view a 1950s style painting with a semi naked woman in it...and that's all that's on the site) wrote up an explanation because he was getting emails about why he dedicated "bovine.com" as a memorial site for his friend. Turns out "he was a user on one of the earliest online virtual worlds, LambdaMOO which was an experiment in virtual communities hosted at the Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) in Palo Alto, CA". And so with this I take an educational journey back to the early days of the internet. LambdaMOO, MOO, and the MOO programming language make up one of the earliest online communities. All of that because I typed in a random in some random URL and it didn't turn out to be pornography.

Wintermute is also the name of a an AI in William Gibson's Neuromancer, which makes me think this is all made up.
Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
9:19 pm
Carol asked me to look up where you could make custom buttons. I did and then told her where to go. She did not listen and then demanded that I repeat what had just said.

This we call a nugget.
Saturday, August 15th, 2009
2:50 pm
Inagural Game of Shiperio
From the Shiperio website:
Shiperio is a golf game that is played with cards. The object of the game is the same as it is on the course... to shoot the lowest score. Cards range from an Ace up to the dreaded Snowman (an 8). Play nine holes or eighteen, it's up to you. Whether you're a scratch golfer, a hacker or have never picked up a golf club you'll love Shiperio. Just like on the course players will succeed with skill, strategy, and a little luck!
The results:

Inagural Game of Shiperio

*Carol cheated on the last hole. I won anyway.

Monday, June 8th, 2009
12:38 pm
I promise to never go friends only
I find people's "I'm going friends only" posts to be interesting. Someone started reading who shouldn't be seeing this or that. Trolls in the comments. Something like that is always the reason. I should make a compilation of them. I only have like 5 LJ friends so I could get a lot of them.
Monday, May 4th, 2009
12:38 pm
If I Were Evil
I was thinking what it would be like to be an evil super villain the other day. What would my first act be, I thought. If I really wanted to eliminate good in the world what would I do? It's obvious that my first act would be to hatch a plot against Liz's family. I mean, come on, have you ever heard them talk about brownies? It's clear that "Good" emanates from Pittsburgh.

(I am not, nor will I ever be, an evil super villain. Don't worry, Liz.)

Thursday, April 9th, 2009
1:48 pm
Get Tested
During one of Carol's early appointments I was waiting for her to get a blood test and grabbed a pamphlet off a revolving rack for something to mindlessly read while I waited. To my horror it was something about STDs. It said something like 25% adults (maybe it was sexually active adults) have genital warts. Holy shit, kids, if that's true then I want you all to be very careful out there. I can only add this to the list of pros in the "did I do the right thing" debate, marrying Carol edition.

I debated posting this on J&C.com but my mom reads that.
Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
12:39 pm
Cause you had a bad day
I was having a shitty day at work a couple of months ago. Frustrated, I hoped on the shuttle bus and what was playing? Daniel Powter's
Bad Day. I had to laugh. The world was messing with me. A few weeks ago I was annoyed at something again. I went tot he office kitchen to make some cereal. Some milk spilled and I just thought, " fuck it, let someone else get that." I walked away and stopped. Obviously I was being a baby. Go back and clean it up. In my head I thought of this being a scene in a movie where someone would cross my path and twinge my conscience. A little old immigrant cleaning lady with a rag in her hand and sad eyes perhaps. All of the sudden I had this image of a leprechaun sitting on my shoulder saying "you don't want to leave that for the next guy, now do ya lad?" I smirked, went back and cleaned it up. Sometimes you just want to be pissed off and pout. It's good to get some perspective though.
Friday, March 20th, 2009
12:57 pm
This House Is Clean
We got rid of a ton of stuff in preparation for Julian. On Craigslist and Freecycle we dumped a futon, a computer desk ($30), a rug ($10), our old tube TV ($30).

Here's a list of clothes and stuff that Carol and I gave to Goodwill so that we could fit my clothes into the closet. Five pairs of shorts, eight sweatpants, seven skirts, four fleeces, four pajamas, twenty-two sweaters, sixty one t-shirts, five pairs of pants, eleven hoodies, one pajama pant, one pair of wind pants, a belt, two slippers, one ball, a pair of sneakers, four jackets, a shadow box, household fixtures, a couple of leather jackets, a ton of blankets, 3 bedding sets, curtains, decorations, a couple of paintings, winter hats and gloves.

We moved a bookshelf and a ton of books and DVDs down to the cellar storage. One computer is in storage and one is going into the closet. My dad's old poker table was replaced with a smaller dinner table. I cleaned up the storage nicely. It's all organized now. Sporting equipment in one place, books and other media in another, bags and seasonal clothing some place else, stuff for the summer, stuff for the winter and a little space to actually walk in. I donated about 75 books to the library and made about $60 worth on books at the Booksmith.

There's probably some more stuff. It was gradual and felt good.

Also: A whole bag or Carol's shoes and several bags full of paper bills from the last decade.
Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
2:12 pm
But the plan won't accomplish anything if it's not implemented
I've never actually had a plan. That may sound odd to my friends. I had good grades in high school. Good grades weren't some conscious decision though. You were supposed to get good grades so I did it. I was the engineer in college. I chose engineering because I was good at math in high school and that's what you did if you were good at math. Plus it looked like a well paying profession. In college the engineer's curriculum was pretty much planned out. I chose exactly one elective in my first three years. It certainly looked like I had a plan. In reality I just kind of went with the flow. I chose grad school because I finished early and then applied for software jobs because that's what I was qualified for. The MathWorks hired me and I work there because it's stable, pays well, is a nice environment and challenges my brain to a certain extent. When I think about career goals though I kind of come up blank.

My personal life is kind of the same way. Most of the things I've done since college wouldn't have happened without Carol - marriage, a home, a kid, other decisions along the way. I would have probably made them at some point. They have all been awesome choices. Carol influenced me along though. With my friends I usually go with the flow when it comes to decisions. Now my plan is to raise this kid to the best of my ability. Let me be clear, I know and knew I wanted a child. I know and knew that I wanted to spend my life with Carol. Looking back though I don't see any drive on my part. I will raise a glorious child, I'm sure of it. When I think about it though, it feels like a plan of necessity even though I want it and think it will be amazing.
Sunday, February 1st, 2009
5:03 pm
Zenith 27'' TV
Just sold our Zenith  27'' TV that we got in college (May 2001) for something like $250. It was a birthday present from Carol's dad. That comes to about $30 a year. If you could rent a TV for $30 a year you'd do it whether or not it was a tube TV.

Audio/visual, coax and s-video input. A remote with way too many buttons. The only problem it had, other than being heavy as hell (it almost killed Carol's cousin when he brought it up the stairs when we last moved), is that it always cut a little part of the top of the screen off. If I was watching a baseball or football game on Fox I could never tell the score.

Many great shows were watched on you, Zenith. Many, many bad ones were as well. We'll always remember you.
Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
10:52 pm
Hypocrite Much?
Cleaning out our storage Carol and I stumbled across this card from Moria to Carol:

Hot men dig college grads.

Hello dearest!

You're finished with school. That's fabulous. Freedom is bliss. I'm proud of you; I know how much those last few months can blow.

I hope you enjoy your gift. It should be yummy. I didn't get my new credit card in time to buy the second tiny part, but it's coming eventually.

Please stay in Boston forever + ever. Amen.


Emphasis mine in order to show hypocrisy and horrible anguish in my soul.
Sunday, December 7th, 2008
8:04 pm
Bad teacher
Things Caroline is not teaching our child:

1. Sportsmanship
2. Mathematics

And before she comments, yes I spelled "drawer" as "droor" in an IM conversation as I was hurrying to get out of the office to go get my lunch.  Whoopity shit.


3. Athletics.
Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
1:05 pm
Birthday Rummy 500
On Caroline's birthday this year we played Rummy 500 while watching TV on the couch in our living room. These are the results:

Caroline vs. Jeffrey
95-10caroline is happy
10075caroline is less happy
20590caroline is ecstatic
235225caroline is less ecstatic
350445UH OH
510545caroline declares that we are now playing Rummy 750
605560caroline thinks she's back in business
710790caroline decides we are now playing Rummy 1000
800965jeff is on a role
<800>1000caroline has thrown the cards rendering it impossible to calculate the exact score and stomped into the bedroom, game over

As you can see the early rounds were all over the place. Lots of negative scoring. At several points I debated throwing the game but I was just playing too well and have endured too many defeats at her hands to do that. We then played a sudden death round that Caroline said "counted". She won. I guess that means she can continue to list one of her Facebook interests as "kicking j's ass at board games".

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
4:57 pm
Best Song To...
Best song to have on your iPod as a foreboding thunderstorm rolls in with dark clouds up against a yellow sky: Deftones, "Change".

Best song to remind you of your crappy basement apartment and substandard roommates on Aberdeen Street: The Strokes, "Hard To Explain".
Friday, June 13th, 2008
12:31 pm
Recurring dreams
When I was quitting smoking I would have a dream that I was smoking at least once a week. I would wake up pissed off that I broke down and then realize that it was just a dream and feel relieved.

After I got pass six months without a cigarette that dream stopped happening. Then, during the winter of 2007-2008 I started getting this dream about high school baseball. In it I was always missing my baseball game or baseball practice. Either I would be at home and realize that I was supposed to be at a game or I would be in school and realize that I didn't bring my glove and uniform for the game that night.

The smoking dream is pretty easy to figure out. I had smoking on the brain. The baseball dream is a little tougher. Either I was thinking about how I haven't played baseball (even catch) in around a decade or I was just pining for the Major League season to start up again.

Don't you love hearing about other people's dreams?
Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
10:38 pm
Grade school stories
1st grade: I don't even remember my teacher's name.

2nd grade: I write an essay on my favorite holiday (Christmas). After listing all of my reasons in beautiful prose, I wrote something like "That's why Christmas is my favorite holiday. And don't you forget it!" Mrs. Emery, for reasons I could never figure out, yelled at me for the last sentence and made me take it out. To her credit, I won the writing contest that year.

3rd grade: Mrs. Fitch asked the class what the first words spoken on the moon were. I quickly raised my hand and answered "Where's my wallet." I really believed that was true. Obviously it was not.

4th grade: We would play chess during our free time. One time I beat Matt Kornatowski at chess by putting him in check but not saying "check". After his next move I took his king. He protested that I had to call out "check". Our teacher, Mrs. Miller (formerly Hurlbut) backed me up. She kind of yelled at Matt. I'm pretty sure the rules will back Matt up on this one.

5th grade: In Mrs. Hutton's class we won the 5th grade track meet by 2 points. I got second in the high jump behind a kid named Dan Marino from West Leyden. We also won the 4x100 relay race. I was the third leg.

6th grade: I put a pencil on Betsy Crofoot's seat as she was sitting down. It ripped a hole in her pants. Mrs. Abraham was not happy and moved me to another section of the class. I never liked her anyway.
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