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String of events

This is why the internet is great in a way that you don't think of.

Julian loves to bang on keyboards. More specifically he loves to play with anything you are using. So he bangs on our keyboards. Carol lets him do this and since I'm not home during the day I can't stop him. He broke my keyboard. I've still been able to use it but the "b" key is missing and the "v" key now has the "b" key in its place (but still maps to "v") because of an poorly executed attempt at a fix by Carol.

I'm under warranty so after a lot of procrastination I call up Dell. Other than a few dropped transfers the experience is lovely. They send me a new keyboard. I didn't know you could do that with a laptop. You can. Hooray for a combination of poor durability and modular design. A couple of weeks later I get around to installing it. I use a "plastic scribe" to pop open the hinge cover, unscrew two screws and rip the keyboard off. After contemplating how to get the keyboard cable out without ripping it I finally magically pop open the connector. New keyboard goes in the opposite way the old one went out.

I have a "b" key. How should I test out my lovely new keyboard? I hesitate; Carol suggests "". Never hesitate. The website is a memorial for this guy Allen Wintermute. His buddy (NSFW if you can't view a 1950s style painting with a semi naked woman in it...and that's all that's on the site) wrote up an explanation because he was getting emails about why he dedicated "" as a memorial site for his friend. Turns out "he was a user on one of the earliest online virtual worlds, LambdaMOO which was an experiment in virtual communities hosted at the Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) in Palo Alto, CA". And so with this I take an educational journey back to the early days of the internet. LambdaMOO, MOO, and the MOO programming language make up one of the earliest online communities. All of that because I typed in a random in some random URL and it didn't turn out to be pornography.

Wintermute is also the name of a an AI in William Gibson's Neuromancer, which makes me think this is all made up.
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