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one of those days

Last night I had pretty bad heart burn, to the point where I felt like I was going to throw up. I ended up propping myself up on the couch, but lost a couple hours of sleep in the process. I intentionally slept in to get some of that back. I leave the house as planned but when I got to the T I realized Carol still had my Charlie card from when she borrowed it over the weekend. Luckily I had cash. When I got to Woodland I decided to get a ticket for the bus and my return trip on the T. Turns out the bus doesn't take the Charlie ticket. I had $2 and a fellow commuter gave me the rest. We get to the shopping plaza at the corner of Route 9 and 27. Carol calls me as I'm getting off the bus and I almost trip down the stairs. The transfer isn't there after 10 minutes so I decide to walk over the Route 27 bridge and then back towards work. Snow is on the ground and no one in Natick ever clears the sidewalks so I walk in the street. 

My day hasn't been bad by any stretch but it's feeling like one of those days where every little things goes the other way. As I'm walking over the bridge I see this big garbage truck coming in the opposite direction. I see plastic bags kind of hanging on to the top just waiting to fly off and litter the road. At this point I come to the realization that I am about to get hit with a bag of garbage. I know it's coming. It just seems so perfect. As the big green truck approaches I start to smile. I chuckle waiting for the inevitable. 

The truck passes without incident and I can't wipe the smirk from my face. 
Tags: commute
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