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Coming home on the D-line around Brookline Village I see two boys get on through a middle door. They're probably two years apart, older than 5 but less than 10. No parents to be seen, but soon I see grandma and grandpa walking back from the front of the car having just paid. You'd be surprised how many adults don't. Grandma walks by the boys and sits while grandpa stays up on the elevated section of the newer Breda car. The older boy has a Bruins winter cap with a yellow ball on top. The younger one has a hunting cap with a brim and ear flaps. They both have these huge backpacks and green camo pants.

There is mischief in their eyes. The older one sticks his glove in the door as it's closing so it gets caught. It's hilarious to them, but each one's smile doesn't extend past the other's face. Grandma and grandpa are 5 feet away on either side but they don't see it. I have a smirk on my face because I can see the future just by watching them. I look up at grandpa. He's old. You can tell he can't move too well. That's probably why he didn't descend the steps while the train was in motion. There's a look on his face. He's not overwhelmed, but I think he knows he needs to bring it if he wants to keep up with these two. Luckily grandma's there too. He walks down and shuttles them to grandma. 
Tags: parenting
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